WaveTronica has expertise in building RF hardware for high-field and ultra-high field MRI and spectroscopy. Key strengths are RF coil design, hardware installation and phantom building. Our aim is to assist researchers in reaching their goals by providing state-of-the-art technical solutions. We look forward to working with you on all MRI hardware related projects.

WaveTronica is a MRI company that builds and installs RF hardware for MRI research. Aidin Ali-Haghnejad and Ingmar Voogt co-founded the company.

Aidin Haghnejad- CEO

Aidin Ali-Haghnejad has many years of experience in RF coil engineering.  His careed started at the UMC Utrecht 7T lab, where he worked on state-of the-art RF coils for different clinical applications such as phosphorus spectroscopy or Arterial Spin Labeling. Aidin has extensive practical experience with building phantoms for MRI safety validation.

Ingmar Voogt – CTO

Ingmar has over 15  years experience as an RF coil engineer. His career started at the UMC Utrecht 7T lab, where he was responsible for the practical development of multiple 7T coil arrays and for the installation and maintenance of RF amplifiers for 7T MRI and spectroscopy.

Mark Gosselink –  RF Engineer

Zahra Shams –  Data scientist

Dimitri Welting – MRI / RF engineer – Quality Officer

Erik Huijing – Mechanical Engineer

Esmé Galesloot – RF Engineer – IP Officer

Nathan Monster – Mechanical Engineer

Christina Regan –  Engineering student

Inge van Houdt – Research & Innovation Manager